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About YR Masks

YR Mask (YRMASK1001)

Details and features

White mask with elasticated side straps. Printed by full-colour sublimation process in the UK. Mask back (inside) is 100% soft cotton, the outer is 100% polyester.

Mask is currently only available in large - which is suitable for adults and comes with adjustable elasticated ear loops to make it a snug fit.

Kids sizes will be added soon.

All masks come with two disposable blown glass filters suitable for ‘PM 2.5’ filtration. More filters are available to buy and will be added as an option soon - see below for more information.

Mask Sizing

Mask is available in large - which is suitable for adults and comes with adjustable elasticated ear loops to make it a snug fit.

Now available in small too - suitable for kids from 5 years upwards, also suitable for adults with smaller faces.

Mask SizeMeasurements of Fabric (approx)
Kids15.5 x 9.5 cm
Adult17 x 12.5 cm

In General

YR Masks are designed to be worn on the face covering the nose and mouth. They include two disposable filters that are single use. More details are below. Some users use the mask without using the filter.

YR Masks are reusable and can be washed easily for re-use.

Face masks or more specifically fabric masks are not to be used in place of physical distancing. Its also important to only touch the mask with freshly washed hands at any time.

Type of Mask

YR Masks are non-medical and non-surgical face masks made of fabric with a disposable filter. They are not suitable for medical use or situations where a medical mask is required or recommended. However - our masks do meet the WHO guidelines updated on 8th June 2020. WHO Q&A: Masks and COVID-19.

How to adjust your YR Mask

Your mask comes with elastic ear straps to keep the mask snug on your face. We also have included a small toggle that you can thread - one per ear loop - and this can be used to tighten the mask on smaller faces. Fold the elastic in your fingers and thread the elastic through the toggle, you may need to use a paperclip to do this if it's a little tight. Then pull the toggle down to tighten the ear loop.

How to Use Your YR Mask

We have some simple guidelines to wear your face mask and take it on and off easily. The main principle is to keep your hands away from your face and try to never touch the inside of the mask with your hands.

  1. First of all, wash your hands thoroughly before using the YR Mask.
  2. If using, insert your disposable filter.
  3. Using the straps, place the mask on your face from one ear to the other, covering your nose and mouth comfortably.
  4. Try to avoid touching the mask, if you have to, wash hands first.
  5. To remove the mask, use the ear straps and pull away from the face. If the mask will be reused that day, pop it into the YR supplied reusable bag. Do not use the bag if the mask will be washed and only use if the mask is dry.

Further advice

How to Wash Your YR Face Mask

Remove and dispose of the disposable filter (if using). Hand wash or machine wash at maximum 60 degrees centigrade. Do not tumble dry, dry on a line or somewhere with good airflow. Dry well before reuse.

Mask Construction

YR masks are made from a soft 100% cotton inner layer, a polyester outer layer and a pocket for the disposable filter. See below for filter details.

The mask has elasticated straps to fit around each ear, and there is an adjustable toggle attached on each one.


Your mask comes supplied with two filters. These filters are easily inserted into the pocket between the inner and outer mask fabric.

The filters are made up of 5 layers of polypropylene cloth which has been ‘melt-blown’ to create a structure to the fabric that can stop particles of dust and bacteria from being breathed in. They are rated to ‘PM 2.5’ which is the size of the particulate the filter can stop, if used correctly.

The filters should be disposed of after 2-3 days of use and cannot be recycled or reused, dispose of the filter when there are any marks showing on it.

Wearing PM 2.5 filters in combination with a fabric mask is not a substitute for physical distancing and other safety procedures. However, if used correctly, filters should help reduce person-to-person droplet transmission of a virus.


YR cannot accept returns of a YR Mask unless its faulty or not the design or item you ordered. These are custom masks individually printed and due to the personal nature of the mask it would be unhygienic to allow returns.

CE Marking or Kite Mark

YR Masks have no formal accreditation or certification from external body. However, we have followed WHO guidance:

“Non-medical masks (also known as fabric masks, home-made masks, DIY masks) can act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer to others.

They can be purchased commercially or handmade, and are generally not standardized like medical masks. There are numerous types of fabric masks, they should cover the nose, mouth, and chin and be secured with elastic loops or ties, include multiple layers, be washable and reusable.”

WHO Q&A: Masks and COVID-19


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